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Syracuse Haulers

6848 E Genesee St , Fayetteville, NY
North Syrcuse, East Syracuse, DeWitt, Eastwood, Lyncourt, Bridgeport, Liverpool, Brewerton, Manlius, Camillus, Pompey, Fairmount, Elbridge, Auburn, Canastota, Cazenovia, Fayetteville, Central Square, Fulton, Williamstown, Phoenix, Central Square, Cicero, Clay, Marcellus, Solvay, Geddes, Wampsville, Vernon, Verona, Oneida, Sherril, Fabius, Corland, Lafayette, Onondaga, Sullivan and Madison Counties
Contact Us At :
Or Call 315-41-DUMPS

Let us come to your home and pick up the junk for you!  Need a full clean out?  Call for an estimate.  NOBODY BEATS OUR PRICING!

If you are ready to have your junk picked up, this is the MOST affordable way to have your junk removed.  We will come to your house with a dumpster, and load it.  Call for details! 

Rates Starting at $59.00 REG $79.00
We will remove 30 Cubic Feet of debris or what equls a washer and dryer, couch, 10 bags of garbage or equal to 250lbs etc... for $59 total.  Free Destination Charge in Syracuse.  Or up to 500lbs of Construction Debris.
If the junk is ready to go we will fill a 12 yrd dumpster for you for $285.00 this includes dumping and labor,  or a 15yrd container for $499.00

$118.00 for 60 Cubic Feet of debris thats equal to 4 dryers, 20 bags of garbage or 500lbs. Or 1000lbs of construction debris.

Delivery, and specialty items listed on the rates page and container rules page will be added to pricing if applicable.